What started out as a place to vent, has turned into a one-stop-shop of all things relationship advice from someone who has the experience, and knows what she’s talking about.Paul Thomas Bell (PTB) is a blog that’s turned it’s author Paul into a TV presenter – and he credits his blog for creating his career.Our platform hosts an exciting array of artists and mental health professionals writing on topics of diversity, inclusion, mental and sexual health, relationships, disability, and wellness.

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Based on a belief that we only get one life and you owe it to yourself to be happy, Never Settle is Eve’s chance to share, not only her own experiences, but thoughts and views on the whole relationship process from dating to break-up (and everything in between).

And if you’re expecting run-of-the-mill posts, you’re going to be disappointed – Never Settle tackles taboo subjects head on, including mental health, gender issues and emotional control.

Paul covers every aspect of dating and relationships from the first date, to sex, fights and break ups.

He has also interviewed a number of high profile individuals for his PTB Meets… Paul is also a freelance writer with his work featuring in the likes of FHM, Marie Claire and The Telegraph.

Another new entry to the ranking, No Bad Dates, Just Good Stories is a Tumblr written by Lauren Crouch.

Lauren started her blog after being heartbroken and doing the ‘terribly British and womanly thing of pretending I was OK’ – and she threw herself into the world of dating.The blog then grew, she went on more dates and had more crappy experiences – and while not all dates were bad, the rubbish ones made the best content.Naomi covers dating, sex and relationships and posts include topics as diverse as ‘phubbing’, things that happen in porn that never happen in real life and reviews of dating apps.Natalie Lue used to have low self esteem, bad boundaries, toxic relationships with emotionally unavailable people and a crippling immune system disease.Then Natalie had an awakening and her whole life dramatically changed in under a year.Personally, I've found myself spending hours reading through the posts, just so I can better understand the fights that I get into and how to resolve them faster.