During his research, Mr Brady was put in touch with Willie Budge, from South Ronaldsay, who has documented the wartime history of Orkney.As the two men conversed, Mr Budge said he was only aware of two names relating to the disaster. Much to Mr Brady’s surprise, the second name was one F Rotchell.

Though she was Uruguayan, she flew another country’s flag.

She was a typical member of the 90,000-strong fleet of freighters that sail the seas, bringing us 95 per cent of everything that we consume.

The main commemorative event will take place at the Cromarty Hall, St Margaret’s Hope, where there will be a community lunch.

A small information display and a short presentation by local historian Brian Budge will tell the story of the ships and their crews.

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Among those killed was Fred Rotchell, 19, a cabinet maker who had only recently joined the Opal.

The young sailor was the great-uncle of Jane Brady, from Frodsham, near Chester, whose husband, Kieran, has looked into Fred’s story.

All to bring us our Fairtrade coffee and our ethically sourced clothes. You would expect for example that the families of Danny FII’s dead crew would be compensated, because that is what happens in shore life, ideally, where there are checks and balances and courts and redress.